Why Disney World is NOT Just For Kids

Send the kids to bed early.

Send the kids to bed early.

This post was inspired by a friend, who not only has no interest in going to Disney World anytime soon, but wants to send her future children there with her sister’s family so she doesn’t have to go. This is indicative of a misleading stigma regarding Disney World – that it’s a place created only with children in mind, so parents can see their faces light up when they hug Mickey Mouse and ride on Dumbo.

For those of you who feel this way, let me be clear – Disney World is a vacation destination for ALL ages. I’m not sure how this stigma began – perhaps Disney marketing has pushed too hard to represent themselves as a “family” company and thus neglected the rest of their target demographic – but regardless of the reason it began, I’m going to do my best to put it to an end here today. Here are 10 reasons why Disney World is NOT just for kids:

1) The spas around Disney World
Probably one of the most overlooked amenities in Disney World is its spa facilities. Most notable among these are the Dolphin’s architecturally inspired Mandara spa, the luxurious Grand Floridian spa, and the spa at Saratoga Springs – which has been honored as the best spa facility in all of Florida.

2) The resort theming
The Disney World resorts are known for their unparalleled themes and service. When you’re planning a trip to Disney World, you get to choose from a tropical paradise, a wilderness escape, a beach-side getaway, an African safari, and so much more. Although children will find each resort enchanting, the attention to detail and the indescribable feeling of a Disney resort is clearly developed for the grown-ups.

3) Fine Dining
Disney World is home to several of the most highly acclaimed restaurants in the country. Travel to Downtown Disney or the Boardwalk Inn for taste sensations from unbeatable seafood at the Flying Fish cafe to authentic Cuban cuisine at Bongo’s Cuban Cafe. The California Grill will stimulate your palette with fine American cuisine while you view the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom from the very top of the Contemporary Resort. The Grand Floridian offers several high class options such as the French selections at Cítricos and the lakeside seafood inspirations at Narcoossee’s. And for the ultimate in culinary prowess, a visit to the “Chef’s Table” at Victoria & Albert’s may just be an experience that you tell your grandchildren about (reservations are often placed a year in advance). Here the chef will greet you in your private room, ask what sort of food you’re in the mood for, and then create an entire menu customized to your tastes.

4) World Showcase
Speaking of unparalleled dining experiences, the World Showcase at Epcot will take you from a riverside restaurant on the streets of Mexico to Oktoberfest in Germany to a fine Patisserie in France, all within a half hour. This attraction is so full of life and diversity that you’ll swear you just went on a whirlwind tour of the world in one afternoon. Whether you’re in the mood for romance, a selection of wine from your favorite country, exploring some native architecture, or just taking in some culture, World Showcase is one attraction where kids need not apply.

5) The annual Food & Wine Festival
If you’re visiting Disney World in October, you can take World Showcase one step further with the annual Food & Wine Festival. This not-to-be-missed event features more than 100 wineries, breweries and cuisines from around the world. New countries join in every year to offer tapas-sized portions of new and exotic foods for you to try as you walk the Showcase. And on any given day, you’ll take part in a wine and cheese course, a culinary demonstration, or a grand festival celebrating international cuisine with live music and wild performances.

6) Pleasure Island
Though currently being remodeled, Pleasure Island cannot go without mention on this list. Until recently, the streets of this are of Downtown Disney were filled with party animals club-hopping throughout the evening, enjoying their favorite cocktail and dancing the night away.

7) Fireworks Cruises
Feeling romantic? Take a private cruise out on Bay Lake to experience the Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom as you never have before – with a glass of champagne, the moon reflecting on the surrounding waters, and no kids in sight.

8) Rides for thrillseekers
So what about the theme parks? Those parents expecting a lazy day at Cinderella’s Castle are clearly not aware that Disney World has a thrill ride about every 2 feet. You won’t be complaining about being bored when your head is spinning after riding the classic dark-coaster Space Mountain, or joining Aerosmith on a journey that will leave your heart behind as you leap from 0 to 60 MPH in 2.8 seconds, or joining NASA in a rocket to Mars with real-life simulation effects. Yeah.

9) Golf
Yes, Disney World is home to 5 award-wining golf courses, all within steps of your resort. This is not your grandkid’s sport, so send the young ones off to Fantasyland while you play a round or two.

Disney World has, quite simply, something for everyone. The kids will be happy with the inundation of their favorite characters and mild but wild attractions and shows. The teenagers can find their favorite roller coaster and ride it again and again. The adults can kick back on the beach, indulge in some fine cuisine, or find some romance on a warm evening. So if you’re one of those skeptical “grown-ups” who thinks a trip to Disney World is akin to a trip to Lego Land, you might want to rethink your next vacation plans.

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3 comments to Why Disney World is NOT Just For Kids

  • Alyssa

    Kudos to you, Disney really isn’t just for kids. There are a lot of things for adults and teenagers to do. But if adults really think that Disney World is just for kids, go to Disneyland!

  • jamie

    I do have children and I love to see their happy faces as we enter The Magic Kingdom but I do also agree that there are a lot of other things to do in Disney that do not involve kids. I feel kinda guilty saying that though but it is the truth. I cannot wait until we go back!!!

  • Lauren

    Wow nice article- you are making me want to go to Disney for more than 4 days!!!