What Disney did to Star Wars

What is the universe coming to?

What is the universe coming to?

As most of you know, Disney does not own Star Wars nor did it have a hand in creating the beloved franchise. When Disney decided to rush their studio theme park to market in order to compete with Universal, they came to the conclusion that they didn’t have enough under the Disney umbrella to sufficiently fill out the park. Therefore, they began to purchase creativity from other franchises such as Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, Indiana Jones, and yes even Star Wars.

Now Disney hosts “Star Wars Weekends” in May of every year – an event that in theory sounds intriguing to any Star Wars fanatic. However, when Disney does Star Wars, it does not project quite the same feel. With events called “Hyperspace Hoopla,” “Legends of the Force Motorcade,” and a series of character appearances featuring “Jedi Mickey” and “Vader Goofy,” Disney certainly does not instill confidence in its ability to capture the true nature of the epic Star Wars saga.

But don’t take my word for it – feast your eyes on the video below:

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12 comments to What Disney did to Star Wars

  • chase

    Disney by far doesn’t ruin anything. They are a family name and corp. But this doesn’t give them the right to say hey lets change 50 years of history by rating everything g. Lol t lets get with it here, I just got done watching the new commercial for star wars kids stuff, and they can’t even play that out right. Hand my kid a green light saber and its still blue in the next screen? Lol no do it 100% right or drop it Disney. Untill then just keep telling yourself you f&%&ed up.

  • Sam

    The force will not be with us

  • Luke

    Disney you ruin everything whhhhyyy?

  • Luke

    Disney you ruin everything I bet the next movie is gonna be rated G

  • IHateDisney

    Bloody kill me now!

  • IHateDisney

    Why does Disney have to own Star wars now… They are going to make it so that only little kids can enjoy it! ;_;

  • Alyssa

    Why does Disney ruin everything it touches? It is ruining its theme parks (adding Avatarland to Animal Kingdom, New Fantasyland, etc.) and movies (like Star Wars) way too much. Please Walt, find a way to help us!!!

  • wayne

    Thay will ruin star wars thay will m make it a musical and will you see people hands get cut off. Or get choke by the force no!

  • Mia

    Omg, is it just me or is Disney ruining EVERYTHING? I remember when Disney bought Club Penguin a fun virtual world for kids. Now it’s ruined, more and more people quit every year thinking they just wasted their time. I don’t think that but I agree that Disney ruins everything.

  • Al

    Are you all kidding me, this awesome!  Disney has created a bridge for kids and parents to enjoy Star Wars together.  This partbership has ensured the continued success of the Star Wars series, by engaging all generations.  Go see it for yourselves, kids having the time of their lives playing out everyone’s dream of usung the force and fighting Vader.  So tell, me what’s more wrong for star wars, a 50 year man dressed up as a wookiee in a convension center, or a group of 8 year olds light saber fighting with Vader?  Because without diseny that’s where star wars fans would all be 50 y/o wookiees in convention centers, trying to relive their childhood, while their kids where home watching a Disney movie.

  • Sassyb

    this is soooooo wrong!!!!!!!!!!!


    this has been tainted!!!!!



  • michelle

    good lord. this cannot be real.