Top 5 Disney Resorts

Aren't you sad you're not here right now?!

Aren't you sad you're not here right now?!

Disney has created some amazing resorts for their guests, with unique themes and of course the acclaimed Disney service. This was difficult for us, but we’ve narrowed down our top 5 Disney resorts, and we’ll explain how we reached our decisions below:

#5) Saratoga Springs
This resort is part of the Disney Vacation Club, and thus has all the offerings of home. The accommodations at Saratoga Springs give all other Disney resorts a run for their money, including a unique offering – the Treehouse Villas. And all this luxury is just a quick walk away from the infinite food, shopping and fun at Downtown Disney. Additionally, the Saratoga Springs Spa is touted as the best Orlando has to offer.

#4) Fort Wilderness
No, it’s not as luxurious as the other Disney resorts, but that’s not why you stay here. Fort Wilderness offers all the fun of the great outdoors including endless recreation, dinner shows, campfire songs, and both cabins and camping – but don’t worry, the only bears you’ll see out here are from the Country Bear Jamboree.

#3) Port Orleans
It may only fall under the “Moderate” category, but with its Riverside and French Quarter accommodations, this is two resorts for the price of one. Both sections feature beautiful theming, unique entertainment, and an easy boat ride to all that Downtown Disney has to offer.

#2) Polynesian
Welcome to your own tropical paradise, right across the lake from the Magic Kingdom. The Polynesian boasts one of the most beautiful and most fun of all themes at a Disney resort, and you’ll realize this from the second you set foot in the jungle lobby. The volcano pool, the authentic dining experiences, and the Spirit of Aloha luau will keep you coming back to this resort for more.

And drumroll please…
#1) Yacht & Beach Club
Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club features a pool area that is really a Disney attraction in its own right. With 3 sand-bottomed pools including one that doubles as a lazy river, 2 hot tubs, and 1 enormous water slide, why would you ever want to leave this resort? Oh yeah, because it’s located within walking distance to Epcot, a quick boat-ride from Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and right across the lake from the Boardwalk!

So where’s The Grand Floridian on this list? Disney claims the Grand Floridian is its most upscale resort (and the price for a room reflects that belief), but it’s really got nothing on the 5 listed above. Now don’t get me wrong, if posh is your thing then you won’t be disappointed, but make sure that’s the real reason you came all the way down to Disney World before booking!

What’s your favorite hotel? Do you agree or disagree with the list? Sound off in the comments below!

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4 comments to Top 5 Disney Resorts

  • Patricia

    Jordyn, I have been coming to WDW since 1972 and I have stayed at most of the resorts.. Out of all the resorts my favs are the Yacht and Beach Club and most of all the Grand Floridian. I wear cut offs, tees and fannypack or regular shorts whether they come from Targets or the Grand Floridian shops or any mall. The difference in the hotels is the ambience and the theme style and architecture and I just happen to favor the victorian style over the polynesian or contemporary style for instance. Most people stay at the resorts for transportation of their choices. As for the Wilderness Lodge, I live close to the blue ridge mountains and prefer that style while I am in the mountains and not at a tropical resort area. Also it does not have a monorail access. The only time you will see a polo shirt in Disney for the most part is if they are going or coming from a golf course and they are required to play on those courses. It costs a little more to stay on the monorail hotels and a little less for the boat access hotels and then considerably less for the bus transportaion hotels. Everyone is on vacation and I have never encountered anyone unkind in Disney as most are just very happy to be on vacation no matter where I am staying.



    Yes I agree that Grand Floridian is expensive and I’d probably choose another hotel before staying at this one, but it does beat out the others in our minds because of its location, plentiful dining options, and fantastic architecture.

    As for Wilderness Lodge, can’t say I agree with that. It’s a beautiful hotel, especially the lobby, but it’s really a moderate hotel posing as a deluxe. It’s near Magic Kingdom but kind of tucked out of the way, and its architecture can’t compare with the similarly styled yet far superior Animal Kingdom Lodge. If we were ever to adjust the list, I’d choose Fort Wilderness before I’d choose Wilderness Lodge.

  • Charla

    Strange I never felt that way at the Grand Flordian Jordyn. I stayed there 21 years ago and went there for lunch in June when at Disney World for a week. We stayed at the Saratoga this time. I celebrated my birthday at the cafe at Grand Floridan and got speical treatment and I am not a millionaire. Yes, the Grand Floridian is costly and for a good reason, but it is the best in my book and my favorite and the next time I go, I am staying there. Saving money for it…’s location is great. I guess we all get impressions. But really I didn’t see many polos..or really look for them to be honest…..I was just myself. We used our disney mean deal for out lunch that day and were treated the same as everyone else. I never let others make me feel lesser than I am. I even got a disney T-shirt at one of the shops there. Sorry you got those feelings at Grand Floridian, must have seen something that I didn’t see. Sorry :(

  • Jordyn

    How did Wilderness Lodge not make it into the top 5?

    Are you crazy? Grand Floridian is for posh people who wear polos and are willing to pay 40.00 for half a cup of soup at the restaurant. If you so much as dare to walk into the hotel with so much as a Disney t-shirt on or dare I say- a FANNYPACK? Well you can just walk right out and enjoy the humiliaton as all the millionaires snicker and point as you do your walk of shame.

    I suggest staying at the Wilderness Lodge for a few nights and then revise your list.