Disney’s Imagination Theme Park

Imagine this.

Imagine this.

You read the title correctly – rumors have begun to spread that Disney has plans for a theme park called, “Imagination Park.” Disney’s internet domain registrations are often publicized, and in this case, the clues have sprung up in several locations:

• DisneyImaginationPark.com

• DisneyImaginationPark.net

• DisneyImaginationPark.org

• Imagination-Park.com

• Imagination-Park.net

• Imagination-Park.org

• ImaginationPark.net

So will this fulfill our dreams and become a 5th Disney World theme park? Probably not. Disney still has a good deal of work to do on Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom before it can consider another theme park in Orlando, especially during these bleak economic times. It is possible that Disney is going to continue to expand its empire overseas, however the more likely conclusion we can draw from all this is simply that Disney plans to rename its California Adventure theme park once the extensive refurbishment process in Anaheim is complete.

Even if this news does turn out to be little more than a rename of an existing park, I’m still excited to see what they’ve got up their sleeve. How about you?

PS. Extra points if you can figure out why Disney registered these websites:

• Young-Hot-And-Latina.com

• WhatsMyPornStarName.com

Update: Rumors are now circulating that Disney’s Imagination Theme Park will be associated with Disney’s new store arriving soon in Times Square. With help from Apple, this store will supposedly be an interactive theme park in itself.

Leave your comments and speculations below.

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