Are You A Disney World Nerd?

Trying to become the ultimate Disney World nerd?
Take our never-fail quiz to see if you’re on your way!

How many times have you visited?
A) Less than 10? -10 pts
B) 10 or more? +10 pts
C) 20 or more? +20 pts
D) No idea? +30 pts

Have you written an email to a friend or family member trying to convince them to give Disney World a try? +20 pts

Do you know what Vinylmation is? +15 pts

Have you ever booked dinner at Le Cellier 180 days ahead of time? +20 pts

Do you know what the acronyms DHS, TTA, and ADR stand for? +10 pts
BONUS: Were you excited about Disney’s decision to change TTA to People Mover? +20 pts

What is the first thing you do when you enter any park?
A) Have a leisurely breakfast. -10 pts
B) Head straight for the major headliner. +0 pts
C) Grab a fast pass. +10 pts

Can you name all of the monorails? +10 pts

Do you know what category each Disney World resort falls under? +10 pts

Do you know where/what Utilidors are? +10 pts
BONUS: Have you been inside them? +20 pts

Do you know the lyrics to both the original and new Carousel Of Progress songs? +15 pts

Do you order the WDW Informational Video at least once per year? +10 pts

Do you use D23 as your main source of Disney news? -100 pts

Do you write up an itinerary before your trip? +10 pts
BONUS: Do you write up an itinerary after your trip? +20 pts

Do you sometimes catch yourself thinking about how much you miss Horizons? +50 pts

How did you score?

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