Ambassador Mickey: Disney Makes A Play For Washington

Look out world!

Look out world!

Earlier today, Disney acquired the National Harbor development land near Washington DC from The Peterson Companies. Disney is reportedly planning to use this site as the location for a new resort hotel targeted at visitors to the National Capital Region.

Wait a minute, when did I elect Mickey Mouse as the new ambassador for our country? Is Disney really the corporation that we want representing our nation to international visitors? Fine, Disney is dedicated to families and this resort will be no exception, but once its foreign guests have spent all their money on non-refundable Disney dollars, they’ll have to go straight home.

Disney’s “Parks and Resorts” branch does not currently own much property outside of its theme parks, and Americans rest safely in their beds knowing that Disney is in its place even with consideration of its outward venture in Vero Beach, Florida. However, with an oddly placed Disney resort in South Carolina, a planned resort in Hawaii, and this new announcement of a Washington DC project, Disney may be attempting to test the waters of national expansion. Next stop, the world?

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