A Disney World Wish List

Why riding the bus has been ruined forever.

Why riding the bus has been ruined forever.

Any Disney World fan has a list of wishes for the future of our favorite vacation destination. I’ve got 10 off the top of my head – how about you?

#10) Add all “indefinitely postponed” attractions back into Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom was originally intended to contain animals from today, yesterday, and legend. To date, they’ve delivered on the first 2 from lions to dinosaurs, but with the exception of a single Yeti, the latter is lacking. Due to budgetary constraints, Animal Kingdom’s lost land called “Beastly Kingdom” never became reality; and thus visitors never had the privilege of experiencing such attractions as “Dragon Tower” (a rollercoaster), “Quest of the Unicorn” (a maze attraction), or “Fantasia Gardens” (a mystical boat ride).

#9) Re-open the Adventurer’s Club and The Comedy Warehouse
Although the Adventurer’s Club had more of a cult following than a popular one, it was fantastic fun and provided an intensely unique experience to Pleasure Island’s host of clubs. The Comedy Warehouse was not as well known as the Adventurer’s Club but it always drew a crowd due to its hysterical “Whose Line Is It Anyway” style of improv comedy.

#8) Add more locations to Soarin’
Although this ride is already exciting as it stands, it’s basically a glorified movie. Thus, it wouldn’t be too tough to mix it up a little bit and add other movies – played at random – from around the world. The only reason that it’s based on California in the first place is because the ride originated in California. Adding a little variety would increase repeated visitor traffic and add a bit of culture at the same time. Two birds, one stone.

#7) Add countries and more rides to World Showcase
World Showcase, on the other hand, offers nothing but culture – and although that’s enough for some, other vacationers would like Epcot to offer more rides outside of Future World. There’s unlimited potential in a land that traverses time and space, so let’s take advantage of it. During the millennium celebration, “World Showplace” offered visitors a glimpse at over 15 new countries, including 10 interactive exhibits. Epcot has room to build yet, so let’s spread the love.

#6) Add a 5th theme park
Animal Kingdom, though still popular enough to thrive, was a bit of a letdown. I still enjoy a half-day visit to this park but Disney needs to try again. This is probably the least realistic of all Disney World wishes, but it had to be said.

#5) Add more Extra Magic Hours during the week
Extra Magic Hours allow for the most efficient and stress-free way to enjoy the theme parks, but why only once per week? I’m sure there are legitimate reasons, especially noting that Disney updates EMH on a monthly basis, but that’s why it’s a wish and not a reality.

#4) Provide inter-hotel transportation
Disney wants you to stay at your hotel. If you book a Value Hotel and spend all your time at a Deluxe Resort pool, the result will be overcrowding at the places guests spend the most money to enjoy (hence why Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club pool now requires a room key). That being said, sometimes I like to check out other hotel restaurants or just walk through and enjoy the theming; so my next wish is for inter-hotel transportation. If Disney feels a need to limit inter-hotel transportation to staying within your specified resort class, that’s at least a step in the right direction. They do currently have transportation between all Magic Kingdom resorts, so why not take that final step?

#3) Add a new hotel to the Magic Kingdom monorail line
These resorts are the most in demand because of their proximity to the Magic Kingdom and the fantastic bonus of staying on the monorail line. Yes, Disney recently expanded the Contemporary Resort with a new building but there’s still some prime real estate on Seven Seas Lagoon, so pick a new theme and start building!

#2) Expand Monorail
To that end, why not expand the monorail line throughout Disney World? Bus transportation is cumbersome and not nearly as fun as the monorail, and it will most likely be a huge factor in encourage guests to stay on property. Screw Universal!

#1) Bring Horizons back
Whether finding a company to sponsor a complete re-build or setting up a virtual Horizons ride at Disney Quest, this attraction needs to come back to Disney World in a big way. Those who grew up with it nurture long lost memories that deserve to be relived, and a new generation deserves to experience Horizons in all its glory for the first time.

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1 comment to A Disney World Wish List

  • DangerousDave

    I agree with almost all of the above, but I must say, The number one reason, with Horizons makes the list a completely valid one, with one thing left out:

    1.5 – Bring Back Mr Toad’s Wild Ride!!